why does atc; give back?

atc; was created because of our founder's struggle with anxiety, depression and suicide. Our Founder, Tyler Graham, wanted to give a lasting impression to others struggling with similar issues that there are people in the world that care and that want them to keep living. Every day presents a new beginning. We wanted to give back and allow our organization to reach as many people as possible. Join us in donating to the National Association on Mental Health and help defeat the stigma of mental illness.

national alliance on mental health


Why NAMI? Why mental health? Why suicide prevention? 

Those questions might run through your head but let me explain. I chose NAMI because above the curve; was created out of my experience dealing with suicide and mental illnesses. I chose NAMI because of their continued support by providing information, support, and guidance to not only those dealing with mental illness but also the loved ones around them. I have provided a few links below so everyone can do their own research. 

Know the Signs 

Mental Health by the Numbers